Aro: The story of a mistreated wolf pup

A while ago, there was a young wolf pup named Aro. She had eight older brothers and sisters who were not very nice to her. One day they all ganged up on her, the sisters chasing her, the brothers hiding in the bushes. At just the right moment, the boys jumped out. Teeth bared, and snarling, they rolled her to the ground. They nipped at her belly. They growled in her ear, whispering that if she weren’t more careful, she could REALLY get hurt.Terrified and sore, she ran to her mom and dad who said, “Well, just don’t play with them.” Her parents didn’t even tell the brothers and sisters to stop being mean to her. So, one day Aro set out to find friends, a kind of new family. Those who would be nice to her.


Carol lives in upstate New York with her 3 children and rescue dog Sophie. She is employed in Human Services. Her hobbies are painting, reading, photography, scuba diving and writing of course!

While working on gaining insight into why I am who I am, Aro sprang to life! She walks with me on this amazing journey so far….




Mexico Elementary School is, I suppose, like many others, offering many ways for the sponge-like minds to absorb as much as they can. One of the most amazing supports is that offered to parents.  They open their doors to us to volunteer by reading or perhaps helping a child who may need extra support to catch up with their classmates.  For a Mom like me, some of that volunteerism was because it was hard to be home without my kids. When I finally learned to let go a bit, my story, Aro, came into being. The greatest part of that is how much support I still received! Even after my kids all moved on to higher grades, I’m still invited in to read it to Mrs. K’s class.  And by the way, she was my editor too!